Universal Mind Meditation

Today I found on Youtube this Universal Mind Meditation from Kelly Howell and it blew my mind. I fell into a deep state of relaxation. With every minute I’ve got more and more relaxed, until I fell to sleep. Suddenly I wake up, finding myself in a deep wide space of peace, relaxation and faith. While the 61 minute meditation was still running, I felt like ages and centuries went by, from the moment I started to listen to this mediation, and the moment I did wake up during the meditation. I’ve got fired through time and space of the universe, and it felt like I’m owning it all. I felt so light embedded in a sort of transparent white light.

It seems to me that there was no coincidence, that yesterday I draw the angel card “Azure” from the deck ‘Messages from your angels / Doreen Virtue’. The message from Azure was: Your desired outcome will occur in the very near future. Have patience and faith, and don’t try to force it to happen. Remember that the ‘how’ of answered prayers is up to the Divine wisdom of the Creator. Although you may feel urgency or even panic about your prayers, please trust  that we angels are working nonstop behind the scenes to help you. Keep surrendering and releasing these worries and fears to God and the angels. The more that you can stay centered in faith, the more easily we can assist you.

WOW – so there it was this message and today I was guided to this Universal Mind Meditation from Kelly Howell. It felt for me that all my worries and fears were taken away from me in this 1 hour process of this meditation. It all came together and melted to one – the universal mind – power- love.

I’m writing this post to all this which are feeling inspired to let go of fear and dive deep within your own being to the inner peace deep within – the true self – your true nature.

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Tarot Readings

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Dive deep within your own being to the inner peace deep within – the true self – your true nature. 

Many years ago, I received a message from my personal guardian angel: “JUMP INTO THE BLUE”! Due this spiritual message, Tarot Bay is born. It fascinated me already at a very young age to be engaged with profound spirituality . What is spirituality, which goes beyond the limits of the provable…

Already as a child I had certain abilities of perception and felt in advance when certain things were going to happen. My whole life people told me that I’m gifted with intuition. Since many years I’ve concentrated on the art of divination and card reading.

Everyone of us is carrying an unrevealed aspect of ourselves inside. I´d like to help you to be able to connect deeper to your inner self and to know who you truly are.

If you decide to have a reading with me please visualize clearly your question you want to ask about. It is as well possible to order an overall reading which will just be guided from above by what you need the most to hear at this moment.

It helps to become calm, visualize that you are right now in the most beautiful bay in the world. There you are enchanted by the beach and sun, and feeling a deep magic with the deep blue of the ocean. From this imagining travel inside yourself to ask me any kind of question you want to know about.

Enjoy the great journey and embrace with gratitude the answers you will get from the spiritual world. Your Mirabai

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